Android Language Classes

Our language classes on Android contain complete offline courses for their particular language, together with interactive verb, vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises.
These applications are meant as support when one is learning a language. Ideal to extend your vocabulary and practice your verb conjugations and listening skills when waiting for the bus, sitting on the train or waiting for someone.

The content is split up in different course levels, called semesters. In every course, 5 semesters are available. For every language, we offer a free demo version, in which only the first semester is available.

Right now Spanish Class, Portuguese Class, French Class, Italian Class, German Class, English Class and Japanese Class are available, together with their Spanish Class Demo, Portuguese Class Demo, French Class Demo, Italian Class Demo, German Class Demo, English Class Demo and Japanese Class Demo counterparts.



Vocabulary reference

An easy to navigate vocabulary list, that can be filtered on category(animals,time,..) and in which words with which one has difficulties can be marked, for easier rehearsal or practice. The words can be sorted from Spanish/other language to English, and vice versa. To change the ordering, bring up the vocabulary menu and choose a new ordering.

Verbs reference

All conjugations for about 50 verbs, containing all common regular and irregular forms in the language, can be looked up here. Irregular forms are indicated in red.

Grammar reference

About 20-40 grammar articles, depending on the language, that cover all the important grammar rules. Handy when you want to rehearse the difference between ser and estar, or por and para, in Spanish, for example.

Phrases reference

A list of about 100-250 useful phrases.

Vocabulary exercises

Practice your vocabulary.
Exercise categories available are "On gender", "English to -practice language-", "-Practice language- to English".
Number of items can be selected and one can choose to practice only words from a particular category, only the marked ones or only previous errors.

Verb exercises

Practice your verb conjugations.
When setting up an exercise, number of items can be selected, as well as the specific tenses one wants to practice. There is also the option to only practice the irregular forms or only practice previous errors.

Grammar exercises

All language classes come with a set of grammar exercises as well, covering topics discussed in the grammar articles.

Listening exercises

There is also a set of listening exercises available when the audio is enabled.

Exercise History

After completing an exercise, one can choose to keep the exercise report in his or her exercise history. That way, you can keep track of the time you spent doing exercises, and on the errors you make.

Statistics and Awards

The app also keeps statistics about tests taken, and when certain goals are met, such as completing a certain exercise without errors, awards are given.

Course level selection

It is possible to only enable just a few semesters instead of all of them. This is handy when you want to hide content that you did not yet learn.

Text To Speech

In all classes it is possible to play all the words in the vocabulary phonetically. For Portuguese and Japanese Class, an external text-to-speech app is necessary though. To enable audio/text-to-speech, bring up the menu and select "Audio/Text-To-Speech".
You can read more about the Text To Speech feature here.

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